Monday, January 9, 2017

ginseng Enchanted Teknoccuppy Cherry Pop 5

AllHell XVI
Ginseng - Onyx Pirouette  
Is: Brendan "Flounce" Okeefe and Chouser "Chorbus"
of Heaven
Boy Band Tekno Dance
4 Page Teen Fantasy Foldout
The Lost Recordings

AllHell XIX
is Max Brotman and Corey "Ron Spoones" Hucks
of Oakland
Driving Modular Tekno
This was the Soundtrack
To "Occupy Oakland" 
Rumps Shook and Windows Smashed 

AllHell XX 
Enchanted - Ultimate Opposite
is Chrissy and Bonnie "Taboo"
of Maine
 Dense Swirling Smoke of
Organs and Incantations
Maybe Burn Something
Before Listening 
(Dont Say i Didn't Warn Ya;)

AllHell XXI
CherryPop 5
Is Shea Cote
of "Europe?"
LoFi Lurking House
Make the space inside The hood you wear
Im reminded of being alone.

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